Welcome to Sparkpoint

We have a history of developing high quality build best of class solutions based on Microsoft technologies that increase productivity, create revenue opportunities and enhance digital presence. Our unique mixture of creative and technical skills combine to deliver sophisticated digital experiences with the perfect balance of form, usability and practical benefits.

Sparkpoint are believers in underpinning each digital project with a clearly defined results-based strategy supported by a professional attitude and years of experience that, as our clients, you will benefit by cementing a competitive edge within your industry.

The Cloud

Many companies are looking for their IT infrastructure to become more efficient, less costly and have improved security, one strategy for achieving this would be to use the Windows Azure platform which provides a foundation for moving your data to a store accessible via the internet .

The platform will save you money by reducing your capital costs and allowing you to only pay for the services you actually use. The Azure platform is fully scalable and can grow as your company opens to new markets and discovers ways of delivering products and services.


Fiduciary markers - A very fancy term for objects/things that you can place on a surface. Surface solutions can be programmed to pickup objects and deal with them differently. Focal points A surface computer is big. By design. Surfaces will draw people to them and they will start to play and manipulate it. Great for customer engagement, great for branding.

Our idea - At SparkPoint, we're developing our own surface, and looking to integrate it with Office 365 and Windows Phone - in an awesome collaborative interactive experience. Watch this space for moreā€¦


Sparkpoint can provide you with scalable, dynamic Microsoft SharePoint solutions, seamlessly integrated into you current operations; helping you achieve your goals with SharePoint software development.

Our SharePoint solutions are delivered as part of a defined end to end project process and are based on years of experience working with the SharePoint platform and understanding how it can make an impact in the business world.


Mobile applications are now ubiquitous, having a mobile app means that your users can access your services anywhere and any time and from any platform, PC, tablet or phone. Mobile applications can be a simple as providing real time stock information to employees through to sophisticated collaborative applications that manage the day to day business tasks across a whole organisation.

Sparkpoint offer a full service for designing and building cross platform applications and responsive web development.

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