About Us

Sparkpoint is a software development agency that has over 10 years experience of creating bespoke systems for clients in both the public and private sectors. Our skilled development team is adept in building custom solutions from the ground up and adding new functionality to existing systems. In short, whatever your organisation or sector, we can work with you to create a solution that meets your exact requirements.

We have a long history of implementing both out-of-the-box and customised SharePoint solutions that have a high level of technical complexity. We can do this thanks to the expertise we hold across our team - including custom development on the Microsoft .Net technology data management and analytics.

Programming plays a huge role in the world that surrounds us, and though its uses are often purely functional there are number of artist who use the language of code to explore what can be achieved through digital tools, works range from computer generated drawings to large scale interactive installations. Our developers have worked on projects with a number of artists as well making their own investigations in this area.

Our approach is both intelligent and down to earth. A love for the web, coding and the latest technologies means your project is more than just a job. We aim to make our clients work as simple as possible, taking care of the details when it comes development, translating your business goals into a technical specification and strategy.

We are based on the edge of the peaks in West Yorkshire. We love hearing from new people so give us a call.

4 Greenway
West Yorkshire

01484 317650